It is no secret that meditating and stretching just for a couple of minutes can help to relax you as well as enable improved sleep. The child pose in yoga is an excellent stretching exercise that can help to reduce tension and increase feelings of relaxation. After you’ve done the child pose, you should do a forward bend combined with controlled breathing as this will actually decrease blood pressure and ease stress. 


I personally practice yoga two times per week and it has truly changed my life and health for the better. One great exercise that is very simple to do is belly breathing and it is quite relaxing. We will now look at how you can do it. 

  • 1. Place one of your hands on your chest and the other hand on your stomach, underneath your ribs. 
  • 2. Breathe in deeply via your nose and allow your stomach to push on your hand. Ensure that you don’t move your chest.
  • 3. Then, slowly breathe out with pursed lips which look as though you’re trying to whistle. Your stomach should slowly go back in and you should use the hand there to push out the air. 

This simple breathing exercise can be done 3 – 10 times and it will definitely help you to feel at ease and relaxed. 


According to sleep experts, if you stop drinking alcohol, you will actually be able to instantly cure insomnia. This is because when you drink alcohol, your body actually spends a lot less time in the deep sleep phase. As a result, more of your sleep is in REM or rapid eye movement sleep where you have more dreams, more movement and a quicker pulse. Unfortunately, this type of sleep is not relaxing and you will still feel tired when you wake up. It is best to drink some chamomile tea which will help you to sleep as it has apigenin which actually makes you feel sleepy. 

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

You should make your bedroom into a private oasis that is reserved only for sex and sleep. As a result, you should ban your phone and television from the bedroom as difficult as this may be. This will help to re-train your brain so that it knows that when you go to your bedroom, it can only partake in those two activities. You should also make your bed as comfortable as possible using a great mattress like Beautyrest Black, extremely comfortable cotton sheets and bedding so that you can’t wait to get into bed in the night. If you like having a very cosy bed then you should look into getting brushed cotton as it is more comfortable or you can even try sleeping with a weighted blanket. This is almost like being hugged while sleeping and is definitely on my list to purchase. 

Write down your stresses or worries

Unfortunately, when you have a lot of things stressing you this will make it difficult to sleep. So, you should take a few minutes to write down everything that is bugging you so that you can settle yourself. 

Come out of the bed

If you’ve been trying to sleep for more than 20 minutes then it may be best to simply get out of bed and do a relaxing activity such as reading. You should choose an activity that is not too stimulating and you should feel sleepy within 10 – 20 minutes.

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