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How To Choose A WordPress Translation Plugin

Before you install a plugin, it’s essential that you know how the translation works.

To make sure you get the right solution for your site, find out:

  • If there are additional language packs to download?
  • If the plugin works along with an app like Google Translate?
  • Are there manual and automatic translation options?

SEO: There’s no point in installing a plugin to translate your website if the translation it produces is not optimized for SEO. After all, the key driver of a multilingual website is to connect with a wider audience, and it won’t do that with poor SEO.

Human or Machine
If your site is aimed at a local market, it’s advisable to employ a human to translate your text. Automation is great if your site is global. Each visitor can select in which language they read your site based on their preference.

1. Neuronto

wordpress translation plugin

Neuronto DeepL WordPress Plugin brings one-click translation to the choice of WordPress translation plugins.

The exciting thing about this plugin is its AI – it learns! Neuronto offers automated translation in 9 languages. It understands nuance and translates titles, content, and URLs. Can you imagine that? With one click you can automatically create new multilingual, SEO-optimized posts and pages.

Another interesting feature is that you can control translation via post category and tags, plus you can choose to either overwrite or create new posts in the language.

2. TranslatePress

wordpress translation plugin

TranslatePress puts you in full control. The plugin offers an innovative live preview feature which enables you to see your translations as a visitor would. It’s dynamic and is a step ahead.

TranslatePress not only deals with posts and pages but metadata, plugins, and more. The plugin is optimized for SEO and will produce multilingual URLs designed to boost local traffic.

Plugins’s functionality also offers the opportunity to integrate human translation. The plugin gives you the control to assign users for translation purposes only; safeguarding the admin and security of your site. Otherwise, the plugin will work with Google Translate, and the translation it provides can be edited to suit your style or requirements.

3. WPML Plugin

wordpress translation plugin

WPML Plugin is a paid for WordPress translation plugin. It was one of the first available and is one of the few that works with most key themes without needing a patch. WPML even works with drag and drop page builders.

There’s no limit on the number of languages and WPML translates pages, posts, and is SEO friendly.
WPML offers three levels of package, but each can be used over an unlimited number of websites.

Although this package is highly rated, users recommend that you back up your site before installation.

4. Polylang


For web developers looking to create a multilingual site; Polylang is a popular choice of WordPress Translation plugin. Polylang allows you to specify language by directory, domain, or subdomain.

As its name might suggest, your language choice is unlimited; packs are downloaded and updated automatically. Polygang works with Yoast and All in One to deliver multilingual SEO and delivers HTML hreflang tags and open graph tags too.

Be aware that there is no tech support for the free version of this WordPress translation plugin.

5. Multilingual Press

Multilingual Press

With Multilingual Press, each language can be run on an independent site. It works via a widget which allows the viewer to select a language. Once the reader selects their language preference, they are taken to the site that you have set up in that language.

It’s good to know that if you disable Multilingual Press, those sites that you have created still work. Multilingual Press features 174 languages and is SEO friendly.

6. xili-language


xili-language is in the official WordPress plugin directory (available here) but only works on translation-ready themes. If you have a compatible theme, the plugin allows you to change the theme’s behavior too.

xili-language is a great WordPress translation plugin that converts both content and language files. However, given that only about 50% of themes are compatible, it’s vital that you check yours before you download.

7. Loco Translate

Loco Translate

Loco Translate is the choice of many. There are half a million active users.

The plugin is a great solution for developers who want to offer their themes and plugins to an international audience.

8. Multilanguage


Multilanguage includes a choice of switcher widgets that give your website visitor the control to switch to the language of their choice. There are 80 languages available, and its easy functionality makes adding a language simple.

The plugin also gives you the optional facility to manually translate from the post editor.

9. Google Website Translator

Google Website Translator

Google Website Translator is a WordPress translation plugin that brings you the power of Google Translate either via widget method or shortcode in the editor. The key thing difference with this plugin is its speed.

Your chosen settings are stored in one database, and there are no external files to load. Google Website Translator also allows you to control which sections of your site you want to translate.

10. Lingotek


Lingotek is free, easy to use, and works straight from your WordPress dashboard. The plugin has automated translation but can also connect you with translators for hire in their community.

To facilitate working with a translator, the plugin includes an automated file transfer and a fast process which allows you to see the progress of your sites’ translation in real time.

Which WordPress Translation Plugin is the best?

Overall we would recommend Neuronto DeepL WordPress Plugin. Its front end translation works with DeepL API, it allows you to produce (automatically generate) high quality content. In this way, you get the best of machine translation available on the market.

Whatever you choose, remember to back up your Site before you install a WordPress translation plugin.
Hopefully, you found these reviews useful when deciding which WordPress translation plugin to choose.

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